Topeka, KS - Evel Knievel Museum - My main task consisted of working on the Bad to the Bones Interactive. It goes over all of Evel Knievel's broken bones and how he got them. We had a stand-in wear Evel’s suit, stand on a lazy susan set-up and then he was spun in circles, until we captured footage with the least amount of movement. From there we cleaned up the footage and popped the actor from his green screen background.

Broken Bones Interactive

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Evel Knievel Lands in Kansas Museum

USA Today, Top 10 Best New Attractions

A co-worker created a 3D face that looked like Evel Knievel; I animated slight movement in the face so he didn’t have a blank stare. Then, we used tracking to make sure the face and the 3D skeleton matched the body movement. Since, the skeleton was revealing from behind the body we had to make sure the bones were fitting as close as possible. We did some animating on the bones to match the movements of the actor. For my final task I came up with a look for a fake-old monitor using After Effects and added a bit of distortion.

25th annual TEA Thea Awards recipients just announced: The Evel Knievel Museum, Topeka, KS, USA (Museum, Limited Budget)

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