KICS Photo Sharing and Messaging Site for Tweens

team: aron gelineau, Rodolfo godinez, philimina doman

male, 11 Years Old, Lives in Pasadena, ca

Role: Product Designer


Randy schmidt



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Sharing Pictures and Playing Games

Female, 49 Years Old, Lives in Mahopac, NY

dianne ryan

Safety and Parental Controls





Dental Hygienist

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Husband, 11 Year Old Daughter & 9 Year Old Son

Female, 12 Years Old, Lives in manhattan, ks

Bayley Rodgers



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Interact with Friends and Express Her Own Creativity


After diving into the world of photo-sharing sites, we noticed a gap: there weren't any tailored specifically for Tweens! While there are plenty catering to all ages, we realized the importance of creating a space that's extra safe and friendly for our younger users.

Our goal with this project is to craft a fun photo-sharing app tailored just for Tweens. Safety is our top priority, along with fostering meaningful connections with peers. We're dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that sparks growth, creativity, and lively interaction.


While testing with our parent users we started with an intro to the site and what it’s for and then had a series of 6 tasks we asked them to complete.

Dianne ryan, task flow

Dianne Ryan is a concerned parent living in Mahopac, NY. She wants to use the KICS app to ensure the safety and privacy of her tween daughter while allowing her to engage in meaningful interactions with her peers.

Dianne wants to see her Tween’s newly added friend to know who she is and whether or not she is okay to add.

bayley rodgers, task flow

Bayley Rodgers is 12 years old from Manhattan, KS. She wants to use KICS to interact with her friends and express her creativity through photo sharing and editing features to enjoy meaningful connections with peers and showcase her personality and interests.

Bayley wants to create a new photo collage with her and her friends to post to her profile.


KICS' mission is to partner with parents and children to foster safer and healthier online behavior. Our app aims to provide tweens with a space for creativity, interaction with friends, and photo sharing, while also offering parents the ability to monitor and control their children's posts and profiles for safety.

The app promises to be an entertaining platform ensuring a secure and supportive environment for tweens to learn and grow.

randy schmidt, task flow

Randy Schmidt is 11 years old and lives in Pasadena, CA. Randy loves playing games and he wants to use KICS to share his pictures with his friends so that he can have fun, express himself through art, and connect with his peers in a safe and supportive environment.

Randy wants to see if he received any comments on the picture he shared on his profile so he can talk with his friends.


This site is meant to be a safe-entertaining learning environment just for Tweens.

You’ll have access to check, edit, hide, and delete anything your tween is working on, but we hope this becomes more of a tool for discussion and helping them make safe choices on their own.

We hope you can provide us feedback while you perform the tasks listed below.


Creating an engaging and informative environment is crucial for tweens.

As for parents, we understand the importance of simplicity. That's why we've provided sections where they can easily connect with other parents and learn effective ways to discuss social media and web safety with their tweens.

We highly recommend conducting ongoing user testing for, with a focus on testing three weeks before launch to ensure any issues are promptly addressed.

Ensuring the quality of our site is paramount. If parents feel their tweens aren't safe, Kics loses trust, which is something we're committed to preserving.

user testing findings

Using the data from the usability test we came up with several common obstacles that test participants expressed to improve KICS.


For our design elements we chose to use 3D icons that would engage our tween user. We wanted to help create connections for our tween user through images so they can quickly understand where they’re choosing to go and interact within the application.

We chose a rounded friendly font for our tween user and a more technical edged font for our parent user.



Entertainment and safety are two important aspects of this application. 

Tween users want to have a space to be creative, interact with friends and share photos.

Parents of tweens using this application want to have the ability to monitor their children’s posts, have control over their profile when necessary, and know their children are in a safe environment online. 

Our application promises to be the go-to choice for users seeking entertainment, tailor-made design just for them, and safety for Tweens. It's not just a photo-sharing platform; it's a fun and enriching space designed to nurture a Tween's growth in a secure and supportive setting.

Below is the proposed prototype for KICS a Photo-Sharing and Messaging Site for Tweens.