Custom GIF Stickers

Custom GIFs are a way to expand your branding across your social stories and connect with your customers! The GIF stickers I've created for Instagram stories have been viewed and used over 231 million times! If you are ready to level up your branded stories with an eye-catching collection of GIF stickers for your business, then we should collab!



We're just getting started!

I'll start by getting to know you and your brand. Maybe you have specific GIFs you already know you need or you have no idea where to start... We'll work together to narrow down ideas for your perfectly curated collection of GIF stickers. You'll share with me any brand guides, color palettes, or inspiration that you'd like to be incorporated into your custom GIF stickers.

You've worked so hard curating your branding across platforms, but your insta stories aren't cutting it. Let's collab! I'll level up your branded stories with custom GIF stickers!


custom stickers collection

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:

Let's collab

I can help you set up your own GIPHY account. You'll be able to apply for approval as a brand channel to make your GIFs searchable on IG stories.

giphy brand channel

Step 6

After you've chosen the GIFs to move forward with I'll start the animation process.


Step 3

You'll receive an invoice and once it's paid, you'll receive your GIF files. You will have full rights to use these GIFs both personally and commercially.

invoice + Deliverables

Step 5

I'll send you a series of sketches, short animation notes and a price quote for each of the GIF sticker ideas we chatted about.

sketches + Price quotes

Step 2

At this point, I'll make any revisions needed (my pricing includes 2 rounds of revisions). After this step is complete you'll have a GIF stickers collection that matches your vision + brand!

revisions + approval

Step 4

We'll get to know each other and  narrow down exactly what you need for a custom GIF stickers collection.

Collab + Idea generation

Step 1

Custom GIF Process

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If I can do it, so can you! I stumbled on this niche after purchasing an iPad; I've done the research and I'm sharing it with you! These are the courses I wish I could find when I was learning how to create GIF Stickers and how to add them to my stories.

Are you obsessed with creating GIFs and communicating with them too? Do you wish you could make GIFs everyday?


You love making GIFs and you want to learn how to turn it into a business.

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