You're in the right place! I'm sharing everything I've learned about GIF stickers from how to make them to how I'm turning it into a business (hint: find a niche that brings you joy!). 

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If you are new to creating GIF animations, want to see how I work or just want to learn new tips. I highly recommend my Skillshare classes that breakdown how to create animations using After Effects and Procreate.

GIF Animation Classes

I've worked with large brands for over a decade. I'll share my tips on how to work with clients and how to bring branding to life with custom GIF stickers. I'll be sharing my step by step process. 

My Secrets Behind Branded GIFs

Free GIF Animation Tips

I continue to learn and build on what I know about GIF sticker animations and as I do I share my tips with you. Check the blog for the latest tips.

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Check out my YouTube channel for additional FREE content! I'm sharing what I know about GIF stickers and building a small biz.


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You'll learn how to animate a snow globe in Adobe After Effects, how to use Particle Playground (a plugin in After Effects) and by the end of the class you'll have an animation ready to add to Instagram.

How to Animate a Snow Globe in After Effects

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How to Apply For A GIPHY Artist Channel

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