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We should work together, if you know your brand and you want to level up your branded stories. I'll help you with the garnish by working with you to make your very own custom GIF stickers! 

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First and foremost, her work was always top notch! She gave each project thoughtful consideration. Since we were a very small company, Aron had responsibilities in both strategy and execution - and excelled at each. She also managed freelancers when we needed them, finding talented individuals and curating creative that fit perfectly into our portfolio. Last but not least, she had a great laugh and was fun to work with! 

So They Say:

Formerly of Vital Media

Wil Putt

This free guide helps start the branded sticker process! It will guide you through the different types of GIF Stickers and helps gather all of your brand needs for your custom GIF Stickers Pack.

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