Iowa City, IA - University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital - At any given time, four users can stand within their designated circle on the floor and interact with two games. These are, wheelchair accessible, Kinect games that are operated through the waving of arms.

Immersive Children's Theater

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Away From Home: Building Teams Help Children’s Hospitals Create a Sense of Normalcy for Patients and Their Families

The first game is called Story in the Stars; I spent the most time helping to develop this content. I wanted the game to not feel linear, instead children can jump in and out of the story as they please. This game has a constellation look, cycles through three stories; users can interact with hot spots that populate animations and bring the stories to life. I wrote two of the three stories that can be found below. We worked with four voice over actors and I helped direct them; we wanted the content to feel new each time a story was played. I worked with Wes Derstine to storyboard each scene. We all came up with ideas that could populate the hot spots. I modeled, rigged and animated low-poly animations for our hot spots and then exported for Unity.

For Eagles’ Flight we broke down the areas our eagles would fly through and the objects users could collect. We worked with a software developer to bring both concepts to life in Unity.

Children’s blocks are a common theme throughout the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. So, I created a projection screen attract loop and kiosk attract loop that incorporated them.

Immersive Theater Opens Inside the New University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital

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