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Easily Bring Your Stories to Life with Branded GIF Stickers

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GIF Maker + Educator. I enjoy all things animation and illustration. I'm obsessed with: geeky things, “stretchy pants,” animals, craft brews and exploring.


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Easily Bring Your Stories to Life With Branded GIF Stickers
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I'm Aron

Aron Gelineau wears a pink tee and grey hat. She sits creating GIF stickers in a blue chair outside in her garden holding an ipad.

Hey There! If you are stopping in you are most likely an entrepreneur or brand that uses social media to engage with your community. You have already spent time developing your brand and now you are ready to easily bring your insta stories to life with branded GIF stickers.

That’s where I come in! Hello, my name is Aron Gelineau and I’m a GIF Maker + Educator. I enjoy all things animation and illustration. I’m obsessed with: geeky things, “stretchy pants,” animals, craft brews, and exploring.

My superpower is helping brands level up their Instagram stories with custom branded GIF stickers!

Custom GIFs are a way to expand your branding across your social stories and connect with your customers. The stickers I’ve created for Instagram stories have been viewed and used over 203 million times!

I have over a decade of experience as a Motion Designer and I’ve worked with major brands across North America on animations that fit within their brand standards. I love the collab and idea generation process!

The branded GIF sticker pack process starts with me getting to know your brand. Maybe you have specific GIFs you already know you need or you have no idea where to start. We’ll work together to narrow down ideas for your perfectly curated collection of GIF stickers. You’ll share with me any brand guides, color palettes, or inspiration that you’d like to be incorporated into your custom stickers. Want a glimpse into the full custom GIF sticker pack process? Head over to my services page to get an idea of how we can work together.


Why custom GIF stickers?

GIF stickers help engage your audience whenever you post a story. They help bring attention to your latest post and give interest to your images and stories. They also allow your community to share your products and services in a more visual way.


Ways that your community can engage with your custom GIF stickers

Below are some common ways that your audience could use your custom GIF stickers.

  • Common quotes that you use often that your community quotes back to you or share the most
  • GIFs of your products
  • Illustrations that match your branding
  • Hashtags that you and your audience commonly use


Click here to view my GIPHY channel and GIF sticker examples. These stickers can also be found within Insta stories using #AronRenee.


How can having custom stickers save you time?

The struggle is real when trying to find the perfect stickers to match your branded stories. You could spend hours finding the perfect GIF stickers or you could have a custom-made GIF sticker pack that matches your color palette. Having your own branded GIF stickers will make it easier for you to find animations that match your branding.


If you are ready to level up your branded stories with an eye-catching collection of GIF stickers for your business, let’s get to know each other and start collabing on ideas for your perfectly curated GIF sticker pack. Let’s get in touch!


I’ve made a special resource just for you to help you start thinking about what your brand needs for a custom GIF sticker pack. Ready to download your free resource?

Aron Gelineau - Free Resource - GIF Stickers Guide -

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I'm an Abstract Artist + Animator + Educator. I enjoy all things animation and illustration. I'm obsessed with: geeky things, “stretchy pants,” animals, craft brews and exploring.

hey there!

I'm Aron Gelineau


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