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How to Apply for a GIPHY Artist Channel

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How To Apply For A GIPHY Artist Channel

I'm Aron

Join me as we go behind the scenes of the GIPHY Artist Channel Application. This application process took 2 days from submitting the application to the approval of an official GIPHY channel.

Main Steps for Applying to Become a GIPHY Artist

Step 1:

Create a GIPHY profile.

Step 2:

Add 5 to 10 GIFs to your profile.
As you add your GIFs to your profile make sure they have a G rating otherwise they will not be available in searches once your GIPHY Artist channel is approved.

Also, remember to not include branded GIFs if you are applying to become a GIPHY artist. If you are working with a brand you’ll want to have the brand create their own GIPHY profile and they’ll apply for a brand channel in order for their GIFs to be searchable.
Need to create additional GIFs before you can apply for your GIPHY Artist channel? Check out some of my available courses which can help you complete your 5 to 10 GIFs.

Are you a brand needing GIFs created for your brand channel application, check out my services page to learn more about how we can work together.

Step 3:

Complete the GIPHY Artist Application.

Step 4:

If your application is denied, make any updates requested by GIPHY support and resubmit.

Step 5:

Once you have an approved GIPHY Artist channel, celebrate and share with your community! Let them know how they can search for your GIFs!

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Questions that some Viewers Had when applying to become a GIPHY Artist

Is it ok if I don’t have a website or portfolio?

You can try to submit your application without your portfolio and then GIPHY support will let you know what they need from you if you are denied. I believe Behance and DeviantArt are still free so if you submit without a portfolio website and GIPHY support contacts you telling you that you need one you can add some pieces to one of the sites mentioned to make up a portfolio quickly. You could also submit a social media account if you use it as a portfolio (ex. Instagram).


Do you think it’s possible to upload your own animations first then once you’re verified, add the branded stickers?

For an artist channel, you can definitely upload your own animations. However, I’ve heard of GIPHY shutting down artist accounts if you also add branded gifs; it’s one of the reasons it’s important not to add any GIFs from the companies that you are working with to your personal artist channel.


Do I have to be an artist to upload to GIPHY?

No, you can create a regular GIPHY account and upload your GIFs, but they just won’t be searchable unless you apply for an artist or brand channel. You can still share the links though.


I am making GIFs for two different brands. Will this affect my application?

It will affect your application if you add them to your personal artist account. You’ll want to have each brand create a GIPHY account, you’ll upload at least 5 to 10 GIFs for each account and then submit the application for a brand channel for each.


I made the mistake of not adding my email that has my domain. Can I reapply again?

When I applied and went back to the page, it just showed that I had submitted the application and it didn’t allow edits. I would contact support to see if they can help you


Would I apply for an artist channel or brand channel, if I’m creating GIFs for others?

The person or brand that you are working with would need to create a brand account and they would upload the GIFs through their account. If you are creating your own GIFs you would choose an Artist account.


What should I do if I continue to be denied for an artist channel?

There is a workaround to add GIF stickers to your stories without having a GIPHY artist channel. Louise Henry has an excellent breakdown of how to add GIF stickers to your stories without having a GIPHY artist channel.


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In the comments below let me know if this helped you become a verified GIPHY Artist. Feel free to also share a link to your GIPHY artist channel!

If you have any questions or tips as you went through the application, please share them! They may help someone else.

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