Woman sits outside on steps with laptop. She fills out the GIPHY Artist Application that is visible on the laptop screen.

How to Apply for a GIPHY Artist Channel

 Join me as we go behind the scenes of the GIPHY Artist Channel Application. This application process took 2 days from submitting the application to the approval of an official GIPHY channel.   Main Steps for Applying to Become a GIPHY Artist Step 1: Create a GIPHY profile. Step 2: Add 5 to 10 […]

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I wanted to get away from the computer so I purchased an iPad, downloaded Procreate and learned all that I could when it came to GIF stickers. This is the place I share all that I've learned and what I wish I would have known.

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I'm a GIF Maker + Educator. I'm sharing what I know and helping brands level up their stories. I enjoy all things animation and illustration. I'm obsessed with: geeky things, “stretchy pants,” animals, craft brews and exploring.

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